Basecamp - Troubleshooting

Re-authenticating TeamGantt/Basecamp 2 Sync

A number of factors can affect the TeamGantt/Basecamp 2 sync. If this happens, you will receive a pop-up message like the one below. It’s important to avoid making any changes to your project in TeamGantt until the sync is re-authenticated. 

To re-authenticate the sync, the person who originally established the integration will want to do the following in TeamGantt to resolve the issue immediately: Account Settings > Integrations > Manage Basecamp Projects > Re-Authenticate with Basecamp

Notifications coming from the wrong person

Is John making updates to your project, but the email notification comes from Jane? There is a quick and simple way to resolve this immediately and permanently. Simply have each member of your team log into TeamGantt and go to: Account Settings > Integrations > Manage Basecamp Projects > Re-authenticate with Basecamp. You’re all set!

 What version Basecamp does TeamGantt sync with?

Currently, we  only support an integration with Basecamp 2.

Do documents uploaded in TeamGantt sync with Basecamp?

Because of the way information flows back and forth between programs, documents uploaded to TeamGantt do not appear in Basecamp and documents uploaded to Basecamp do not appear in TeamGantt. If it is necessary to have the same documents in both  TeamGantt and Basecamp, the document(s) must be uploaded to each program separately.

My accounts are properly synced. Why am I unable to create a new project in TeamGantt from an existing Basecamp Project?

Within TeamGantt, users must be an Advanced User or Account Holder to create new projects. When a sync is properly established, either of these permission statuses will allow a user to sync an existing Basecamp project to a newly created TeamGantt project. 

As a Basic User, however, it will not be possible to create a new project in TeamGantt, regardless of the account’s sync with Basecamp.

For more information regarding permissions, please visit: Permissions

Can I choose which content to sync from Basecamp to TeamGantt?

When a project in Basecamp is synced with TeamGantt, all of the To-dos will sync to the TeamGantt project. This includes any hidden or private Basecamp To-dos. At this time, it is not possible to choose which project information syncs.

Tip: If a project has sensitive information a client cannot see, instead of creating one project in Basecamp and hiding tasks, create two projects. One project can contain all public information and one project can contain all private information. Then sync both projects to TeamGantt. Clients can be invited as users to the public project while maintaining the security and privacy of the non-public information. 

Do I need all Basecamp users to also be TeamGantt users?

Yes. For the sync to work properly, all users in Basecamp should be imported to TeamGantt at the time the sync is established.

How does Basecamp 2 handle the sync when multiple users are assigned to a TeamGantt task? 

Since Basecamp supports only one user or resource per to-do, TeamGantt will sync the first resource assigned to the task to Basecamp. We suggest assigning the primary person responsible for  the task in Basecamp for this reason. 

Refreshing the sync

Data between TeamGantt and Basecamp is synced automatically. However, a refresh will pull the latest Basecamp data into your TeamGantt project immediately. To refresh, simply click the Basecamp icon at the upper left side of your TeamGantt project: 

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