Share Your Project with Non-TeamGantt Users

Want to share project updates with contract workers, clients, or other stakeholders without adding them as a user to your project or account? TeamGantt gives you 3 options for doing this. Let's take a look at how each one works.

1. Invite someone as a collaborator

In TeamGantt, a collaborator is free and only able to access projects they have been invited into. They will not be able to create new projects on the account. For example, let's say you hire a freelance writer to create content for a website project. Inviting the freelance writer as a collaborator on the project enables them to see and comment on tasks. 

The Free plan allows 2 collaborators. The Pro and Unlimited plan allow for unlimited collaborators.

Here's how to invite someone as a collaborator to your project:

1. Click the  ShareInvite People button at the upper right corner of your project:

2. From your project’s  People page, click the blue Invite Users link, located just below the list of people who are already part of your project. 

3. Click the  Add New Person link.

4. Next, enter the person’s name and email address, and set their permission to Free Collaborator

5. Click the  Add User to Company button.

4. Click  Add to Project, and this person will automatically receive an invitation to access the project.

For more information on inviting others to your projects, please visit: User, Guest and Label Defined and Inviting People

2. Share a view-only URL of your project (paid plans only)

You also have the ability to share a personalized URL for your project with non-TeamGantt users, if you're on a paid plan or premium trial. This option is great if you want to enable a client or stakeholder to monitor project progress without inviting them to become a user on your account. 

You have 2 different options for accessing the URL:

  1. Open your project and go to Menu > Embed
  2. Open your project, and select Share > Copy Link to Chart at the bottom of your browser window.

To learn more about options available for customizing your URL, please visit: Embedding your projects

3. Share a PDF of your project

You can also export a customized, print-ready PDF of your project to share with others. This option is perfect for giving clients and stakeholders a quick snapshot of a project because it enables you to  filter a project first and show only the information you want to share. 

To generate a PDF of your project, open the project, and go to Menu > Print/Export PDF

For more information about PDF exports, please visit:  PDF Options and Customizations

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