Adjust the View of Your Project

TeamGantt enables you to customize the information displayed in your project view. Simply click on the View drop-down to use any combination of these options:

1.  Show Task names in bars: Choosing this option will show the name of the task inside the  task bar on the gantt chart view.

2.   Show Task names next to bars: Choosing this option will show the task name next to the  task bars on the gantt chart view

3.  Show Resource names next to bars: Choosing this option will display the name of the assigned person or label to the right of each task bar.

4.  Show Assigned Hours Next to Resource Name: In addition to showing task assignment, this option will show how many hours per day the task is expected to take to complete. Note: This option will only be available if your account is on the Advanced plan and hours are enabled on the project. 

5.  Zoom: Located under the View drop-down (as well as in the top right of the chart via the Zoom drop-down), you can adjust your zoom level, plus choose to view your project by day or by week. The default is Day View at 100%.

6.   Date format: Choose from any of the options shown below:

7. Font size: Adjust the font size on your project view to suit your personal needs or preference. (Note: The default font size is 12px.)

8.  Hiding or showing columns: Choose to display or hide the columns for Estimated Hours, Actual Hours, Assigned, and Progress. (Learn more about hourly estimation.)

Tip: If you've just made changes to your gantt chart view and it doesn't automatically reflect them, refresh your page, and see if the gantt chart displays the right view settings now.

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