TeamGantt Kickoff Meeting Resources

    Being prepared for your kickoff meeting is important. We’ve compiled some resources in this document to help!

    First, explain the benefits of using TeamGantt to your team. 

    Here are just a few of the many benefits you can tell them about:

    • Easy collaboration with file sharing and discussion threads at both the project and task levels
    • Customizable views that let you see tasks by day or in a calendar, simple list, or gantt chart view
    • Automatic daily email reminders
    • Easy progress updates on tasks

    Next, walk your team through the 4 steps below. 

    This will help them get comfortable with using and navigating TeamGantt.

    1. Create your account

      It’s as simple as clicking the Go to Your Project button in the invitation email. 

      Next, set a password for your account:

      That’s it! You’re ready to start using TeamGantt!

      2. Log in and use the My Tasks screen to see the tasks assigned to you.

      Select My Tasks from your sidebar menu to see a simple, detailed list of your assigned tasks, when they’re due, and the completion status of each task. Learn more about My Tasks here.

      3. Update your progress

      To update your progress on your assigned tasks, simply click the Progress field, and enter your progress. Then pat yourself on the back for a job well done!   

      4. Leave a comment

      You can leave comments at the project or task level in TeamGantt so everyone stays up-to-date. Simply click the chat bubble to the left of the project or task name to leave a comment. Then choose who you want to notify, and send it. Easy peasy! To learn more about documents and comments, read this helpful how-to

    Want to view the entire project?

    If you'd like to see the entire project in one screen, simply go to your My Projects page (via the "Me" icon in sidebar menu) and click the name of a project to open the project in Gantt view.

    Want to open multiple projects at once? Here's how!

    Here's a list of more helpful how-to resources:

    Inviting People to Your Project

    Adding Tasks

    Documents and Comments

    Using Dependencies

    To learn more about TeamGantt, join us for one of our webinars