TeamGantt Power-Up for Trello

TeamGantt’s power-up enables you to see your Trello cards in a beautiful project timeline, create dependencies between cards, and view workloads all without ever leaving Trello. Watch the video below, or read this article to get started.

Enable the Power-Up & link your account

To link Trello to TeamGantt, you’ll need to enable the TeamGantt Power-Up in the menu.

Next, you’ll need to authenticate your TeamGantt account or create a free account to get started. You can do this by clicking the "TeamGantt" link at the top of your board, then click "Link Your TeamGantt Account" to sign in or sign up for an account. TeamGantt will automatically create a project for you. 

Easy right? Now your Trello and TeamGantt accounts are linked. Congrats! 

Add Trello cards to your visual timeline

TeamGantt allows you to choose which cards you want to include in your timeline. To add cards to your TeamGantt project timeline, click on the card you want to add and select "TeamGantt" under the Power-Ups header. Then click on ‘Add Card to Existing Project’.

This will populate a list of existing projects in TeamGantt. We’ll show you the first few projects in your TeamGantt account, but you can search for any project in your account using the search bar. If you have not created any projects in TeamGantt yet, don't worry. We create a new project for you when you sign up, by default. If you want to create a new project, you can do so by logging in at and creating a new project.

Click the name of the project you want to add the card. That's it! Your card is now linked to a task in TeamGantt!

Viewing & interacting with your timeline

To view your timeline, click the TeamGantt link in the top right corner of the Trello window. Select the projects you want to see in a Gantt chart, then click ‘View in Gantt Chart’. 

This will open your TeamGantt projects. You can schedule the task, add dependencies, assign it to a person or resource, and update your progress. You'll see your cards added to the bottom of the list. Drag your mouse into the chart area to add a timeline bar. You can drag the ends of the timeline bar to set the start and end dates. The task’s name, start & end dates, percent complete, and dependencies are automatically synced to your Trello card. You don't even have to click a save button! 

For more on how to use the Gantt chart view, refer to our help section on the basics.

You can also update your progress, start and end date, and see assigned resources and dependencies right from within your Trello card!

The TeamGantt Power-Up is extremely flexible and makes it easy to manage your projects with drag-and-drop functionality and a beautiful timeline view.

Have other questions about our Trello Power-Up? Just email! Or, check out one of our other articles about Trello: 

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