TeamGantt Power-Up for Trello

The TeamGantt Power-up for Trello enables you to see your Trello cards in a beautiful project timeline, create dependencies between cards, and view workloads—all without ever leaving Trello. Watch the video below, or read this article to get started.

Enabling the Power-Up & linking your account

First, open the Trello Board that you wish to sync with TeamGantt. Go to the Menu on the right-hand side and select Power-Ups.

Search for “TeamGantt”, and click Add.

Confirm by clicking Add again.

Select Get Started with TeamGantt on the upper right side of your board.

And then select Authorize Now.

If you’re new to TeamGantt, fill out the basic signup information and then select Create Free Account. (Alternatively, if you have an existing TeamGantt account, select Sign in here and log in with your TeamGantt email address and password.)

Authorize the Power-Up by selecting Open Authorization Popup, then Allow.

Select an existing project to sync with from the Select a project drop-down. If you’re new, select “My First TeamGantt Project”. (Alternatively, you can select “None” to set up your sync manually.) Then, select Continue

All done! You can select View in TeamGantt at the upper right side of your board to use the Power-Up with your board. 

Note: Existing cards on your Trello Board (created prior to setting up the Power-Up) will automatically sync to your selected TeamGantt project when the Power-Up is enabled. However, existing tasks in your TeamGantt project will not automatically sync to your Trello board. 

If you’d like to pull pre-existing TeamGantt tasks into Trello, there’s a workaround. If you need any further help with it, feel free to contact support at

After the Power-Up has been enabled, all cards created in Trello and tasks created in TeamGantt will automatically sync between the 2 platforms. 

Viewing & interacting with your timeline

To view your timeline, click the View in TeamGantt link in the top right corner of the Trello window. Select the projects you want to see in a gantt chart, then click View in gantt chart. This will open your TeamGantt projects. 

Any Trello cards that were synced to TeamGantt will always be added to the bottom of your TeamGantt tasklist. And to note, any TeamGantt task synced to Trello will always be added as the last card in the first column.

To add a timeline bar, drag your mouse into the chart area that aligns with the task row and click into the chart. You can drag the ends of the timeline bar to set the start and end dates. 

Then, you can add dependencies, assign it to a person or label, and update your progress.  All of the details—the task’s name, start and end dates, percent complete, and dependencies— are automatically synced to your Trello card. You don't even have to click a save button! 

You can update your progress, start and end date, and see assigned resources and dependencies right from your Trello card as well!

For a full list of the data that does and doesn’t sync between Trello and TeamGantt, visit our sync options help doc

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