Hourly Estimation (Available in Pro and Unlimited Plans)

For projects where daily tasks are not detailed enough, TeamGantt offers hourly estimation. Watch this video to see hourly estimation in action:

Enabling Estimated Hours on your project

To enable Estimated Hours on a project, go to Menu > Project Settings > Enable Hours, and select Yes:

Note: You must have manager permission on a project to change the project's settings.

Adding Estimated Hours to a task

To view and assign estimated hours to tasks, enable the Estimated Hours column by clicking View > Estimated Hours: 

To assign hours to a task, simply click into the text field in the Estimated Hours column, and enter your estimate: 

Using Estimated Hours to determine team availability

One of the biggest benefits of using the hourly estimation feature is being able to determine your team's workload more accurately.  

Assigning hours to users on your team

There are 3 different ways to add hourly estimates for people or labels that have been assigned to tasks in TeamGantt. It all depends on your particular project scenario. Let's take a look.

1) Assign both users and estimated hours to a task at the same time:

First, hover over the task, and click  assign in the Assigned column or the person icon that appears next to the task bar:

Next, select the resources you'd like to assign to the task, and enter either the Avg Hours/Day or Total Hours. (The other field will populate automatically.)

2) If users have already been assigned to a task:

Hover over the Estimated Hours column, and then click into the text field to enter the total estimated hours for the task.

A pop-up window will appear, asking if you'd like to adjust the hours for the users/labels assigned the task. If you select the checkbox before clicking Yes or No, your preference will be noted for all future instances. (You can adjust this preference anytime by going to My Preferences.)

3) If hours have already been assigned to a task, but users have not:

First, hover over the task, and select assign in the Assigned column or the person icon that appears next to the  taskbar :

Next, click either the Fix button at the bottom of the user assignment window or simply select users to assign hours to:

Note: When a task's length is changed—for instance, a 2-day task is extended to a 4-day task or vice versa—you'll be prompted to choose between increasing/decreasing users' assigned hours accordingly or leaving the daily assigned hours as-is. Go here for more information about setting your hourly scheduling preferences.

Viewing estimated workload using the Availability tab

Now that your team has been assigned to hours, you'll have an even better understanding of how busy everyone is. Just click the Availability tab found at the bottom of your project's gantt chart, and toggle to Hours Per Day:

Any day that includes over 8 hours of work will automatically be highlighted in red to indicate a potential overload. 

Read more about workloads and team availability!

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