Add, Edit, and Remove Resources

Understanding project resources

A resource is a group or non-user added to TeamGantt for scheduling purposes only. Unlike a user or a guest, a resource will not have access to the project in TeamGantt. And since a resource isn't associated with an email address, it also won't receive email notifications.

Here are just a few ways you can use resources for general project assignments:

  • Team/department (Example: Marketing)
  • Job role (Example: Web designer)
  • Freelance/contract resource (Example: Freelance writer)
  • Client/company name (Example: Acme Inc.)

You can create as many resources as you need, and they won't count against your current plan's total number of users.

Adding resources

To view existing resources on a project, simply go to the People tab and scroll down to the Other Resources section: 

To add a new resource, select Add a resource to this project, enter the resource name, and click Add Resource:

If you want to be able to assign a resource to multiple projects, be sure that  Available to All Projects in [account name] is selected when adding the resource. This ability can't be added retroactively, so we recommend leaving this option selected for every new resource you create.

Making a resource available to all projects prevents the creation of duplicate resources, giving you a more accurate view of a resource's availability. 

Editing and removing resources

If you're an Account Holder, you can edit and remove resources to fit your project needs. Here's how to keep your project's resource list up-to-date:

From the People tab, click the Add/Manage Resources button.

To edit a resource: Hover your cursor over the resource you want to edit, and click the edit (pencil) icon. 

 To remove or delete a resource: Hover your cursor over the resource, and click the X

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