TeamGantt Integration for Zapier

Sync your TeamGantt project data with other platforms you regularly use by activating the TeamGantt integration for Zapier

Using the integration

You can access the TeamGantt integration via your account on Simply click Make a Zap, and search for the TeamGantt app to connect it with your favorite platforms.

Finish your integration setup by completing the following steps:

  1. Log into your TeamGantt account.
  2. Select the New project task trigger event. 

  3. Choose the project you’d like to trigger actions for. 

  4. Choose the app you want to sync with, and set up the actions you’d like Zapier to perform between TeamGantt and this app. 

Then get ready for the magic to happen 🤩

If you’re not a Zapier user but would like to preview our integration, you can do so here


Here are the triggers that are currently available:

New project task

  • Triggers when a new task is created in a project


Here are the actions the integration currently supports: 

Complete CRUD actions for tasks

Create task

Creates a new task

Get task

Fetches a task (by ID)

Update task

Allows for editing task information, such as:

  • Task names
  • Start and end dates
  • Progress
  • Task color
  • Sort order
  • Parent group and/or project
  • Favorite/unfavorite
Delete task

Deletes a task (by ID)

Create projects

Create project

Creates a new project

Create, update, and delete checklists

Create checklist

Creates a checklist item on a task 

Update checklist

Modifies a checklist: 

  • Names
  • Sort order
  • Completion
Delete checklist

Deletes a checklist item from a task

Create groups of tasks

Create group

Creates a new group of tasks

Create comments at the task, group, and project level

Create task comment

Creates a new comment on a task

Create group comment

Creates a comment on a task group

Create project comment

Creates a comment at the project level

Zapier templates

We currently offer almost 30 zap templates (and counting)! Zap templates allow you to sync TeamGantt with your favorite apps in a few easy clicks. 

Sync with Jira, Google Sheets, Asana, and more.

Check out our full list here

The TeamGantt integration for Zapier is currently in beta. Got requests for triggers, actions, or zap templates? Let us know by emailing

To learn more about TeamGantt, join us for one of our free classes